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Food Pantry Donations Needed Immediately

chunky soupOn Friday morning, January 24th, we had over 200 people come to the food pantry in ZERO degree temperatures. Twenty-seven were new people.

Unemployment benefits have been cut. Times are very difficult. St. Mark’s community has always been willing to help their neighbors. Please continue to help us to help them.

Especially needed:  Soup, Chunky Soup, Pasta, Pasta Sauce, Cereal and Boxed Meals.

Thank you in advance for your continuing support. Monetary donations are always welcome.

Love and Peace, Your Food Pantry Volunteers

Poverbs 14:31  Whoever oppresses a poor man insults his Maker, but he who is generous to the needy honors him.



reading bibleThe Christian Meditation Group that was started by Fr. William Eckert, continues to meet. The Wednesday afternoon group follows the teachings of Benedictine Fr. John Main. Meditation is an ancient form of contemplative prayer that seeks God in the silence and stillness beyond word or thought.

We welcome all who are interested. For more information please contact Mary Kerwood or Helen Healey.

Berkshire Gas Links for Literacy Mini Golf Classic

links to literacy golfThe Berkshire Athenaeum will host Berkshire Gas Links of Literacy Mini Golf Classic
10:00am—4:00pm Saturday, February 22nd
The proceeds go to support Literacy Volunteers of Berkshire County

Admission: $5./adults; $2./child under 12 yrs.