Comemorative PATIO PAVERS

memorial bricksBe part of the permanent history of St. Mark’s Church by ordering an engraved memorial brick in our new beautiful patio. This is a thoughtful way to remember your loved ones, commemorate a milestone or be remembered by your church.

The brick size 4″ x 8″  has three lines with 20 letters per line ($100 donation).
The brick size 8″ x 8″  has six lines with 20 letters per line ($200 donation).
All money raised from the sale of pavers will be used to maintain the building and grounds of the church.  Please find a paver form in the entrance of the church or download the form below and complete per the instructions.

Return to:
Romeo Fratterola or St. Mark’s parish office at 400 West St. Pittsfield, MA 01201. Checks can be made payable to: St. Mark’s Church Patio Fundraiser.

church paver form