Pius X Award Recipient – by Mary Lou Burdick

pius award imageOn Tuesday, November 11th our new Bishop will celebrate Mass and present the Pius X Award to recipients throughout the Berkshire Deanery.  Please join us at Saint Agnes Church at 7 p.m.

Saint Marks Parish is pleased to nominate Kristen Torra as this years recipient of the Pius X Award. Her thoughts are very much in rhythm with Pope Pius X when he recognized that young people have a great need to learn and experience our faith. When Kristen first began teaching our grade six class lessons from the Old Testament she did so as an assistant. These past several years, however our lead catechist tells us she is very please that Kristen so willingly and ably stepped into her position when she had to leave for family health issues. Kristen is a loving and dedicated role model for this group.

At St. Marks we recognize that it takes “more than the average” person to volunteer to share their faith with middle school children. Kristen has a sense of humor, creativity, honesty, and she is dedicated. She understands kids this age have other priorities than attending religious ed classes. Even though they sometimes show little interest in their journey with God, she understands and tells them that one day the gifts of the Holy Spirit will in fact benefit them as they do for all of us. She tells them one day you will realize your need for God to be in your life and you will remember He is there for you.

Her own son Justin who will be receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation this year is living proof of her personal faith commitment to our Catholic Church. One day he came into our religious education office asking if we knew who belonged to the car with the license plate WGF on it. He told us he suspected who’s it was because he thinks the WGF is short for “With God Forever”.

We were told that Kristen is a modern up to date volunteer. During class, if an Old Testament theological question comes up that needs to be verified she checks the Bible, asks Father afterwards, or for a quick answer checks out google on her smart phone.

We love you Kristen and thank you for all you do for our Saint Mark Parish family.