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Prayer for the New Year

new yearDear Lord, at the beginning of this New Year,
I remember that you are a God of beginnings and endings.
You created the world, with all its eternal patterns.
Winter begins in frost, and ends in Spring’s thaw.
Spring begins in new, green life, ending in Summer’s heat.
Summer begins in sunshine, and ends in Autumn’s breezes.
And Autumn’s color leads to the white of Winter again.
As another year ends and begins in our lives,
help us to remember that you have made a world of cycles.
When fortune turns to trials, or hardship turns to joy,
help me take delight in the life I’ve received from you.
Remind me that I will one day pass from this world
and enter a new life like those who’ve gone before me.


Pope Francis’ New Year’s Resolution for 2015

popeTake on: Climate Change.

Its not what you would expect from a pope, but its an impressive stance and it makes sense on many levels, and the pope is drawing connections between unsustainable environmental practices and economic injustice.

The pope told reporters the Guardian that he wants the Catholic Church to influence the course of the 2015 U.N. climate meetings that will be held in Paris.

The pope has spoken on several occasions about climate change and has hosted at the Vatican a large-scale summit in May. He iterated connections between unsustainable environmental practices and economic injustice humans have a responsibility not to destroy God’s creations for future generations.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas day mass is at 10am.

We wish you a merry, blessed and holy Christmas Season.

Father John, Father David, Deacon Spenser, Deacon Sean, Wendy, Dave, Lisa, Sr. Rosa, Sr. Juanita and Ramiro.

Christmas tree church

Christmas Reception

christmas treeChristmas is a season and doesn’t end on December 25th, it’s a season that lasts until the Baptism of the Lord on January 11th.

On Friday, Dec. 26th, at 6:00pm in Fr. Leonard Hall, there will be an hour of caroling and desserts, coffee and cheer. All are welcome as we continue to celebrate Christmas.

Enjoy an end to the Christmas season with the Twelfth Night on January 10th. This year the celebration will beheld at the Berkshire Hills Country Club. The cost for the evening is $35. per person and tickets are available at St. Joseph’s rectory from 10am-3pm Mon-Fri.