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February 8 is National Day of Prayer for Victims and Survivors of Human Trafficking

St. Josephine BakhitaIt is held on the Feast Day of St. Josephine Bakhita the patron saint against the brutal history of slavery. She was a Sudanese-born former slave and became a Canossian Religious Sister in Italy, living and working there for 45 years. She was declared a saint by the Roman Catholic Church in 2000. Catholics are encouraged to pray for the emotional, physical, and spiritual healing of those that have been trafficked, and make a personal commitment to work against human trafficking.

human traffickingAccording to Catholic Relief Services (CRS) approximately 2 million people are trafficked annually on a global scale. Here in the U.S. the numbers are staggering: 17,500.This is modern-day slavery. It is the exploitation of vulnerable and poor, taking victims across borders, leaving them without the information or ability to escape their deplorable situation.

Victims are sometimes lured away from their homes with false promises, many are outright stolen or taken against their will. They do not understand legal employment and are forced into prostitution, labor, or servitude. Local authorities may unknowingly perpetuate the cycle of human trafficking by detaining victims of trafficking as “undocumented immigrants.” To make matters worse, deported survivors of human trafficking are often at risk of being resold into trafficking by their former captors.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has this website featuring an Anti-Trafficking Program with resources that can help you learn how to identify a possible victim of human trafficking and how you can help them.


Boston Red Sox Trip!

red sox logoSAVE THE DATE!

Plan on joining our bus trip to Fenway Park
to enjoy and support our team!
It’s a 7:10pm game—Cost will be $91.00 each
Call the parish office to reserve your seat!
447-7510 M-F 8am-3pm

St. Mark’s Ladies Guild

valentineWe hope everyone had a lovely holiday season. Our next meeting is Wednesday, February 11th. Due to the unpredictable weather this time of year we are changing the time and location. Please note the February meeting will be at 1PM in the afternoon in Fr. Leonard Hall behind the church. Please come and join us, we will have a very special project to brighten our Valentine’s Day. All are welcome.

“Socialize, Pray and Serve” ladies guild logo

St. Joseph’s POLISH DINNER, January 31st

polish foodYou are invited to St. Joseph’s POLISH DINNER on January 31st.

Hors d’oeuvres 5pm; Dinner 5:30pm
St. Joseph Church Parish Center, North St., Pittsfield
Homemade Golumbki, Kapusta, Pierogi & desserts too!
Ticket Price: $12.
Advance ticket sales only~No tickets at the door
For tickets: Debbie Mathes 447-9151 or St. Joseph Rectory 445-5789



hispanic men retreat imageLa Parroquia de San Marcos, de la Iglesia Católica en Pittsfield MA

Y el movimiento parroquial JUAN XXIII invitan a los jovenes y senores un encuentro con Cristo vivo.

Cuándo? Este retiro se realizará el Viernes 30 de enero
a domingo 01 de febrero 2015

Dònde? En el Convento del Sagrado Corazòn en la Elms,
en Pittsfield, MA ( Iglesia Rosa)

A Qué hora? Se les espera a las 6:00 pm
y se termina a las 4:00 del domingo.

Cuota de coperaciòn: 50.00 USD, el padrino dará 15.00 y la parroquia de San Marcos 200 USD.

Annual St. Mark’s Father Daughter Dance!

father daughter danceThis year St. Mark’s Father Daughter Dance will be held on Saturday February 28th  at the St. Mark Parish Center, 300 Columbus Avenue Extension, from 7 to 10 p.m.

Tickets are $10/person and can be purchased at the door or from three Pittsfield locations: Deidre’s, 75 North Street; Flynn’s Pharmacy, 173 Elm Street; or St. Mark’s School.


Bingo Volunteers Needed!

cat playing bingoWe need volunteer help for our Saturday night Bingo held at the School. Bingo proceeds are an integral part of our financial budget, and without it we’d be more challenged to meet budget.

Please call and volunteer—447-7510. Thank you.