Our Lady of Perpetual HelpFr. John is going to celebrate the Novena of Our Lady of Perpetual Help  daily, following Mass at 8am beginning June 18th
until the 26th in English.
On the Feast of Our Lady of Perpetual Help , Saturday, June 27th, we’ll  say ‘goodbye’ to Fr. David  and  Sister Rosa and Sister Juana with an outdoor ’fiesta’ on the patio after the Mass that weekend. We invite everyone in the parish to join us outside, behind the church.

Bishop McDonnell will be with us for the 6:00pm bi-lingual mass (no African mass) to help us say goodbye. We ask you to bring food to share with others and there will be music and dancing.

There will also be a reception for Fr. David outside on the patio after the 9am & 11am Masses that weekend.

Please pray for Father and the Sisters as they begin the new chapters in their ministries.

Devotion in Honor of Our Mother of Perpetual Help
We honor you Virgin Mother of God as we come before your icon. You are the glorious Virgin, full of grace and our refuge and our hope. Hear your people who call upon you.

Mother of Perpetual Help, we come before you and look to your holy icon which teaches us how to follow Jesus Christ with faith and confidence in the midst of our daily lives. You call us to enter into the mystery of redemption as we contemplate the Incarnation, Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus our Redeemer. Holy Mother of God pray for us now and always. Amen.