The Wideness of God’s Mercy-Letter from the Bishop

wideness of God's MercyThe Wideness of God’s Mercy

A Pastoral Letter Reflecting on Evangelization
By Mitchell T. Rozanski, Bishop of Springfield

Do you believe in a God who loves you? Do you believe in a God who forgives? Are you able to offer forgiveness to those who have hurt you? Are you able to ask forgiveness from them? Pope Francis has been teaching us, through his example, that God looks beyond our faults and failings and loves us just as we are. Can we trust in that love?

“You are merciful to all, O Lord, and despise nothing that you have made. You overlook people’s sins, to bring them to repentance, and you spare them, for you are the Lord our God” (Wisdom 11:24, 25, 27)

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