“THE MEDICINE OF MERCY: Receiving and Sharing the Gift”

mercy book kasperIn this Year of Mercy we will spend some time reflecting on our capacity to yield to God’s mercy and how we share the mercy that has been freely extended to us. The Scriptures and Walter Kasper’s book MERCY: THE ESSENCE OF THE GOSPEL AND THE KEY TO CHRISTIAN LIFE will help us to explore our own receiving and living of God’s gratuitous love. Our call is to be more open to issues of forgiveness, compassion and reconciliation so that we might offer God’s medicine to our wounded world and to ourselves.

Sr. Colette Hanlon will give a talk on “THE MEDICINE OF MERCY: Receiving and Sharing the Gift” on Wednesday, May 4th at St. Joseph Parish Center. Sister is leaving the Berkshires after 10 years of service for another assignment. Please join us for her presentation and reception to follow. All are welcome.