earthquake ecuadorThere is a large Ecuadorian population here in the Berkshires, many of whom are members of our parish.  Last week a devastating earthquake hit that county killing hundreds of people, and leaving many thousands of people homeless. Some people contacted the Ecuadorian consulate in New York & asked what could be done to help.  They were told not to collect money, but were asked to have people to contribute the following items that will be given to people who will be homeless for some time to come.  The items are;

  • Blankets, quilts, tents, air mattresses
  • towels
  • Canned foods (non-perishable), powdered drinks & milk, juice packs
  • Baby food, formula and purees
  • Snacks, dried fruit
  • Toothpaste, soap, toilet paper, toiletries (feminine products) disposable diapers
  • cotton gauze, bandages, gloves, alcohol,
  • sunscreen
  • Flashlights, candles
  • mosquito nets, batteries
  • packing tape, battery powered radio
  • Crayons, storybooks, paper, coloring books

A ONE TIME COLLECTION WILL TAKE PLACE on the weekend of May 14th-15th, there will be boxes by the the entrances of the church for any items that you may wish to contribute.  Thank you.