From the Parish Nurses

bike helmetSince proper helmet fitting is essential for safety, we will repeat suggestions for proper fitting of a bike helmet…

The helmet should sit level and firmly but comfortably on the head. It should not tilt forward or backward, and a baseball cap should not be worn underneath the helmet. It should have strong, wide straps that fasten snugly under the chin. No more than a finger’s width should be able to fit beneath the strap when it is fastened correctly. The helmet should be tight enough with straps fastened, so that no sudden pulling or twisting can move the helmet around on your or your child’s head and always fastened while riding. Children should also wear their bike helmets when in-line skating or using scooters. Children should never wear helmets while playing on a playground, because helmets can get caught in small places in the equipment and can lead to choking or strangulation.

Make sure you buy a bicycle that is the right fit for your child. If you buy one that’s too big thinking your child will grow into it, your child could lose control and get hurt. Make sure that your child can sit on the seat with their feet flat on the ground and the handlebar is no higher than their shoulder. Bikes for beginners should have coaster (or foot brakes), not complicated hand brakes. If your child is starting on training wheels, be sure they can be adjusted as their riding skills improve.

Happy Biking!