Letter from Fr. Dave: new mass schedule

Mass Schedule: “Thank you very much for your warm welcome and confidence you placed in me of the task of being your new administrator. I sincerely am happy to be here.

Having had the last few months to grow into my new responsibility of care for you and with considerable prayer discernment and consultation, I feel that a restructuring of our current Mass schedule would further unite the community and would help me serve you better. Our current schedule was formed in a time when two priests regularly served this parish. As we all know, times have changed, and many parishes including ours has only one priest available. The priest needs to be mindful of maintaining a balance in ministry, prayer and recreation. Knowing my own limitations and conscious of my duty to you and the three communities that have been formed here in the parish, I feel as though a small change would be beneficial to everyone in the long term. The priests we have helping are getting older and will not always be available.

I would like to draw your attention to the Sunday Mass Schedule. Currently there is a 7, 9, 11, and 12. I would like to restructure the Sunday morning mass schedule to be 7am, 10am, and 12pm. I would like this change to take place on January 8, 2017. I hope this would provide you with plenty of time to adjust.

This change comes just in time for the season of Advent. Advent is usually a good time to introduce a change because it is the start of the new liturgical year. I realize that this change may be an inconvenience to some, but this small sacrifice would benefit us all and bring us together. Again, this has come with much collaboration from other priests, our bishop, staff and parish council. Thank you very much for your cooperation and consideration in this matter, God Bless you.

…Fr. David Aufiero, Administrator