100 Years

celebration massDear St. Mark Parishioners,

On this 100th anniversary of our church, I am grateful to be your pastor. It is your openness and faith that helps our church community to be strong and continue to grow. Thank you all for your willingness to pray, sing and worship. Your support of each other and members of our community make us one. This centennial celebration marks a long and rich history.

In this year 2013 we reflect on the many generations who have brought us here today, too many to list here, but we thank them for their contributions and talents. We also take time to thanks all our 100 year celebration committee members who work tirelessly to make this year a blessed celebration.

God bless St. Mark’s Parish in this anniversary year and for many years to come.

In Christ,

Fr. John Salatino

Mass Program for 100 Celebration (PDF)

Click here to view photos of St. Mark’s over 100 years (PPT).

Upper Stained Glass Windows (PPT)

Christmas at St. Mark’s (PPT)