Homebound Visitation

praying angelThe Pastoral Ministry assists our Pastor in the care of our parish. Pastoral Ministry is expressed in the experience of a person who accepts the touch of God — freeing them, healing them, making them whole. This ministry involves all Christians fulfilling their baptismal and conformational promise to reach out to the suffering Jesus in the person of their neighbor.

It’s easy to feel abandoned and alone when infirmity or disability restricts our freedom of movement. We can feel forgotten by friends, family, even by God. The Pastoral Minister who visits parishoners who cannot attend Mass or other parish activities helps to keep that person connected to our Church and to the practice of their faith, but even more importantly, to the love of God and their personal dignity and worth.

The power of the Father’s love is flowing through the body of His Son today. We are that body:

the feet of Christ walking into a home
the eyes of Christ looking compassionately on the suffering
the hands of Christ extended in friendliness
the ears of Christ listening to His suffering brothers and sisters and offering consoling words
the heart of Christ filled with concern, love and compassion.

Many Pastoral Ministers who visit the homebound are also Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist and bring the Blessed Sacrament to those who cannot attend Mass.

Would you like to bring Holy Communion to the sick?
Are you in need of the Sacrament of the Sick?
Do you have family, friend, or neighbor who is homebound and would like a visit from a parish visitor?
Is there someone who could use a Prayer Shawl and find comfort in these prayers?
Are you homebound and need assistance of any kind?
Would you like to become more involved as a volunteer in the Church?

For more information or to participate in this ministry, please contact: Wendy Joyce at (447-7510)