ladies guild logoPlease note the change in date for the Ladies Guild Annual Mass.
We will meet at the Chapel on Wednesday, April 19, at 6:30pm for the celebration of mass by Fr. David. We will also be collecting toothbrushes and toothpaste for adults and children,
which will be donated to the Food Pantry. Refreshments
will be served following the liturgy. This intimate
mass has become a beloved tradition for our group, and all ladies of the parish are invited to join us.

“Socialize, Pray, Serve”


St. Mark’s Giving Tree

giving treeOur planning has begun for this years Giving Tree. Our tree will be up the weekend of November 12-13 full of gift tags for nursing home residents, Veterans at Soldier On and St. Mark’s parish families.

Tags for those who would like to deliver gifts and visit the recipients will also be on the tree. We hope everyone will participate this year as in the past in making Christmas special for many deserving people.

Our Guardian Angel Guild will also help with any parishioner(s) needing help with Christmas this year. Applications are in the church entrances. Please complete the confidential form and return to the parish office ASAP so tags can be put on the Giving Tree.

“THE MEDICINE OF MERCY: Receiving and Sharing the Gift”

mercy book kasperIn this Year of Mercy we will spend some time reflecting on our capacity to yield to God’s mercy and how we share the mercy that has been freely extended to us. The Scriptures and Walter Kasper’s book MERCY: THE ESSENCE OF THE GOSPEL AND THE KEY TO CHRISTIAN LIFE will help us to explore our own receiving and living of God’s gratuitous love. Our call is to be more open to issues of forgiveness, compassion and reconciliation so that we might offer God’s medicine to our wounded world and to ourselves.

Sr. Colette Hanlon will give a talk on “THE MEDICINE OF MERCY: Receiving and Sharing the Gift” on Wednesday, May 4th at St. Joseph Parish Center. Sister is leaving the Berkshires after 10 years of service for another assignment. Please join us for her presentation and reception to follow. All are welcome.

Letter from the Pastor

SALATINO-JOHN-frFor the past 12 years I have been privileged to be the pastor of my home parish of St. Mark’s, but my time here is coming to an end. Earlier this year I requested and received permission from Bishop Rozansky to join the Missionary Society of St. James. I will be leaving St. Mark’s on August 14th of this year, and in September I will begin a new five year assignment in the country of Peru. I ask for your prayers as I make preparations for this next phase in my priesthood. I would like to thank all of you for the many ways that you live out your faith in our parish and in our community. St. Mark’s is a wonderful parish, and who ever is chosen to succeed me here as pastor will be truly blessed.

May God Bless You, & May God Bless St. Mark’s.     …..Fr. John

Thank YOU!

Saddick Hiati 2“Thank you so much for the generous donation that the church made which enabled me to take this amazing journey (to Haiti). Thank you to all the parishioners that donated to make this possible. I unfortunately do not have all your addresses but, please make sure everyone knows how truly thankful I am for all of their prayers, love, support, and contributions.

Thank you! Samantha El Saddik

Food Pantry

food pantry bagsEspecially needed: Cereal (adult, children’s, hot & cold), Soup, Chunky Soup, Pasta, Pasta Sauce, Baked Beans, Canned Vegetables, and Canned Meals.

We sincerely appreciate your donations, but please check the expiration date on each item you donate and please refrain from giving outdated items to us. We are not allowed to hand out expired food items. Thank you. God bless.

Monetary contributions are always welcomed &
appreciated. Many thanks for your continuing support.
—- Love and Peace, The Food Pantry